picoware Treeview
for Microsoft Access

native Access - available as source code!      

A treeview without MsComCtl.ocx...

...and even without any other external ressource

Get the demo that matches your Access...

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It's native Access

No ActiveX - no OCX - no DLL!

Where ever you have Access, this treeview works!

  • with 2016, with 2013, with 2010, with 2007, with 2003 and even with XP
  • with 32-Bit and 64-Bit
  • without any add in
  • and with no effort for the IT department
...and you'll get the complete source - with all examples!

Insert data with SQL

The treeview is directly connected to your database.

You insert nodes with just a SQL statement.

Options are set with and additional field in SQL.

Use your own icons

Help your users to focus on their objectives by guiding them with your own, dedicated icons!

...and keep it simple for you - handle your icons with copy & paste. Paint is good enough!

Navigation -
Choose your style!

There are lots of styles for navigation in treeviews - you master them all!

Use one of the styles included in our package or design your own
It's as simple as copy & paste icons!

Checkboxes: it's not just on/off

Checkboxes are icons for 'ON' and 'OFF' - just two...

...we have improved that!

Choose any icon set that matches your state context and use as many states as you need. You even can create your own state icon sets
...it's copy & paste!

Highlight with colors

Colors can indicate relations or metrics.

You can use all RGB colors as background and each item can have a different one!

Lots of design options

  • Form background
  • Fonts and font colors
  • Icons
  • Margins and padding
  • Symbols at the right side

Belief it or not - even this is a fully functional treeview!

Too many items? Never!

If you want to organize a huge amount of items without any effort - use the automatic grouping option. It creates an optimized alphabetic index for tens of thousands of nodes within seconds.

...or supply your own grouping, if you can derive it from your data.


Need more interaction? Give edit capabilities to your users and let them change the caption of your items.

The treeview keeps you informed about changes so you know, what to store in your database.

Full source included:
Access database explorer

When you drill down into a treeview, every node you open reveals the next level of information.

So - what would you see, if your node was an Access database?

We did a little brainstorming...

...just download our demo and enjoy an utter new insight into your databases!

Fair licenses

For sure - our licensing conditions are to protect our intellectual property.
...what is not so easy, because we deliver source code.

Equally sure: you will not accept unreasonable restrictions - an attitude we fully share!

So we tried to keep our licensing conditions as fair as possible...

  • No restrictions on your rights on your applications
  • Source code delivery to your customers possible if only for documentation

We are developers as presumably you are. So our intention is to provide you the best tools possible and make them really useful for you. So, in a fair relationship, we see our part in having licensing conditions that you can comply with - without unduly limitations in the economic exploitation of your work.

So please get in contact with us, if there is any aspect you can't comply with.

Need Support?

Of course we will help you - personally, directly and competently! So we don't use a call center.

Please understand, however, that we can only support you by e-mail or via our contact form.

And of course, here is the hint that every support gladly gives:
Please read the documentation and check our FAQ for a possible solution.

A huge range of features - all as source code

Can't believe it? Check out our demo. You will find examples for all shown features. And this demo is growing every time we invent something new.



The download of our demo is free, of course - it's an MDE.
However, our customers will receive the corresponding MDB - not crypted and not locked - and can copy the treeview forms, code and objects as well as all examples into their own applications. And it works with Access 2016, 2010, 2003 and even with XP - with 32-bit or 64.

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